Anonymous asked:
Well try again; nothing happens without effort.

Yeah well if you’re being completely ignored then it doesn’t happen either.

Anonymous asked:
If you miss someone you should speak to them :)

I have tried.


"I want a show that’s filled with intelligent and crude humor."

"I want a show with spies, gun fights, cyborgs, and car chases."

"I want a show with female characters that are smart, funny, and badass."

"I want a show with an overweight character and a gay character that aren’t there to just be made fun of."

"I want a show with an interracial couple."

"I want a show that is consistent with it’s own canon and makes a bunch of nerdy references."

"I want a show-"

Anonymous asked:
You're actually super cute..

Thank you :)

Anonymous asked:
would you still be reblogging naked women if you had a girlfriend?

If they were okay with it, yes.


I just want to get my nipples pierced already.

Dolomites’ panorama II.OWN.

I hate this.
I miss you.